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Your Gifts at Work

Ed '60 and Mary Alice '62 Vondrak

Ed and Mary Alice Vondrak

During all of their adult lives, Ed and Mary Alice have remained committed to supporting eduction in various ways, including ongoing philanthropic gifts to the colleges and universities they have attended. This past July, the couple established a charitable gift annuity at Knox as part of their retirement goals and as another way to support their alma mater. Read More

David Ferlic ’73

David Ferlic

Knowing his support can make a difference in the direction Knox takes as the College moves forward, David Ferlic ’73 is using a charitable gift annuity to support the Peace and Justice Studies program. After all, as he says, “What is more important than peace and justice?” Read More

Bob Long ’68

Bob Long

Valuing the education and the diverse residential experience he received while at Knox, Bob Long ’68 and his wife, Margaret, are paying it forward for future students by creating a scholarship fund that will last in perpetuity with an endowment from their retirement plan assets. Read More

Harry Mathur ’03

Harry Mathur

Financial advisor and Knox alumnus Harry Mathur has smart strategies for helping you make the most of your money. Read More

Jim Nordin ’67

Jim Nordin

Jim Nordin ’67 wants to honor the past by providing for the future. While at Knox, Jim was a member of the Alpha Delta Epsilon (ADE) fraternity, which profoundly affected his life and worldview. To honor the fraternity, Jim's estate gift will expand the ADE scholarship at Knox that he set up nearly 20 years ago. Read More

Jim Marks ’61

Jim Marks

The goal: greatness for Knox College. The method: a life insurance policy. Jim Marks '61 and his wife, Janet, are using their gift to build Knox's endowment and attract exemplary students and faculty. Read More

Wendy Spizzirri '99

Wendy Spizzirri

Financial planner Wendy Spizzirri '99 believes that saving and planning for the future should start as early as possible. That makes giving to beloved institutions such as Knox College possible even at a young age. Read More

Susan Petit '66 and A J Smith '70

Susan Petit and A J Smith

Though Susan Petit and A J Smith found different reasons to use their IRAs to support Knox College, both realized they had found a tax-smart way to contribute to the school they love. Read More

Charles Stivale '71

Charles Stivale

Taking inspiration from a study abroad experience, Charles Stivale '71 found his calling as an educator. Now, he's decided to do his part to help Knox faculty members fund research projects needed to advance their own academic careers. Read More

Dee Ann Herring Revere ’79 and Edward T. (Tim) Revere

Edward and Dee Ann Herring Revere

Dee Ann Herring Revere ’79 credits her time at Knox for her successes. Now, she and her husband are helping to ensure that the College can meet its needs in the future through a gift in their estate plan. Read More

Harry "Hal" Keiner '67

Harry Keiner

Having met his wife, Jamie, at Knox, Hal Keiner '67 knew he wanted to honor her memory by giving back to the College. See how he's accomplished that goal and more. Read More

Harry Carpenter '18

Harry Carpenter

Harry Carpenter '18 is grateful for the skills he learned in his computer science studies at Knox College. Now he's helping ensure future students have an opportunity to experience a Knox education without having to worry about cost. Read More

Joseph E. Wagner '50

Joseph and Judith Wagner

Joseph E. Wagner's connection to Knox College spanned 68 years. See how he ensured future students have the same experiences he did through his thoughtful giving. Read More

Karen Dittmer Bowyer ’63

Karen Dittmer Bowyer

Karen Dittmer Bowyer ’63 credits her time at Knox with broadening her horizons. See how she’s paying forward the support she received to future students using her IRA. Read More

Camilla Neri '65

Camilla Neri

In her work as a financial advisor, Camilla (Cam) Neri '65 has seen firsthand the repercussions of not having an estate plan. She urges others to create theirs to provide for their loved ones and support causes and institutions close to their hearts. Read More

Chuck Schulz '72

Chuck Schulz

As a former student and professor of physics at Knox College, Chuck Schulz '72 knows the importance of being able to conduct research. His endowed gift ensures these opportunities continue for future students. Read More

Megan Rehberg '06

Megan Rehberg

A love of singing initially led Megan Rehberg '06 to Knox. Now she credits her alma mater with putting her on a rewarding career path and is giving back with a gift in her estate plan. Read More

Robert 'Bob' '66 and Carol Romsa Parke '67

Robert and Carol Romsa Parke

The Parkes are passionate about students developing a moral center to guide them throughout their lives. They established a fund to support ethics curricula and programs at Knox, and a gift in their estate plan will ensure that fund makes an impact for years to come. Read More

Mary Lu Hudson Aft '60 and Dick Aft '60

Mary Lu Hudson Aft and Dick Aft

“If it hadn't been for the investment that others made in our education, we couldn't be pictured here. Now, it's our turn. Knox has been an important part of our lives since our first date in early 1958." Read More